Meet the new ComfiU Extra Large Orthopedic Cushionadi

This XL cushion with its super soft velour washable cover has so many uses  that it really will become your new best friend. Here are just a few examples from our users:

"I purchased the cushion for my Grandpa, he's 86 years old. He's able to potter around the house Ok but on outings he uses a wheelchair and he was complaining that the seat was uncomfortable. I gave him the cushion and he was delighted! And when the wheelchair is stowed in the trunk he uses the cushion on the couch - he says it helps him to get up from it without a lot of effort - so a double whammy!"

Nikki B.

Dear Team ComfiU,

I wanted to share this pic with you as its sooooo funny. I use the XL Orthopedic cushion on my office chair at home where I base my online business. I went to make dinner and look what this cheeky monkey did - he took my cushion and used it as a pillow to watch TV :)

Ged E.

Super delighted with my XL support cushion; I spend all day working at a desk and I used to suffer from back ache and now that has all stopped. It was so easy to use, I  simply lowered my office chair to compensate for the extra height of the cushion so that my feet were firmly placed on the floor and now I have really good posture. Oh, and great value for money too.

DeeDee K.

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