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The Complete Memory Foam - Part 2

Memory Foam has become so popular due to its capacity to offer hitherto unknown levels of comfort. Nothing compares to memory foam in the way it conforms to the body shape and reduces pressure points.

What makes it different from ordinary foam? Firstly, when standard foam cells are compressed, they want to spring back to their original shape immediately, whereas memory foam cells, due to the fact that they are 'open foam cells', spread the pressure through a much greater number of adjoining cells. This has the effect of decreasing the pressure that you feel. Memory Foam also deforms to conform to the body's shape and weight-bearing areas, reducing these pressure points.

Secondly, the temperature affects the firmness of memory foam. At low temperatures, it is more firm (viscous) whilst the higher the temperature, the softer and more elastic (conforming) it becomes. Hence the semi-technical moniker of 'visco-elastic foam'.

The ComfiU Seat Cushion springing back after 238lbs have sat on it!

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